Friday, February 26, 2016

I've moved!

Hey guys

I have made the moved and will no longer be posting on here.  Hopefully my very muddled brain will be able to work out to maybe put a forward on from here to the new site but I am not sure if I can

a) work it out or
b) actually do it because this is a free service usually you have to pay for re-directs lol.

Anyway, you will find me over at from now on.

I will put links up to the posts on my Facebook page ( so if you follow along on Facebook it will be super easy for you to see any of the new ramblings from the muddle that is my brain.  If not now is the time to update your bookmark for my blog.

A little teaser from today's blog that I have almost finished ...

"It is no secret that I have incredible struggles with telling our twin daughters apart but when they get confused ... that struggle just got real!"

Looking forward to chatting with you over at Life Through the Haze.

Cathy xoxo